If only I could change the things

Gepubliceerd op 16 december 2019 om 11:06

If only I could change the things,

óh, my friend. I would, for sure. 

'cause, all the sadness that it brings,

that makes this só hard to endure. 


Day by day, we go through life,

hurricanes surround our home.

I can tell you: it's like one big strife,

and it makes a heart feel so alone.


Some nights I dream about a Place

where things are changed, just like they should.

Then tears, they cover up my face,

I scream to God, ask if Hé could.


I know that I'm not able to

change life just like I wish it'd be,

but if I could, my friend, I would.

I hope that's something that you see. 


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