When I was born, I saw the world

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When I was born,
I saw the world.
The world saw me,
she understood:
I needed trains, 
I needed waves,
I needed clouds,
I needed woods.


When I got older,
my tongue explained:
‘In this large world,
I’ll find my luck.
'cause only there
I'll feel unchained,
of all the times
that I get stuck.'


My heart told that
as soon I could,
I would be gone,
gone with the wind.
I always hoped
they understood
what travel meant
to me, earth’s kid.


‘In a few years,
I will be there’,
told I while pointing
on the map.
‘I want to breath all
good clean air,
see all the woods,
make my first steps’.


I made my plans,
knew where to go,
all by myself,
alone I’d come.
I’d see the world,
jump in the snow,
but I’d remind
where I was from.


This was before I found
‘cause when I did,
my fears did grow.
I thought I’d better
start ignoring
all of the dreams
I ones had known.

I didn’t dare to
dream the world,
‘it might afflict
the man I love’.
‘cause he too whirled,
in all his dreams,
all I could do,
was pray above.

It took some time,
before I learned
that it was wrong
to let fears reign.
God sent me love,
a golden man,
who I need more
than ‘just a plane’.

I still can’t wait to
see the world,
but where I am,
when he’s with me,
I can always watch his
loving eyes,
then I will hold
the world I need.


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