Silence in the houses

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War is of all times. Hate is of all places. Wé may not live in war now (anymore), but others do. They're our fellow Christians. They fight over day and night, they have to remain silent about their faith in Christ, and they may not know what they have to decide. For them I would like to pray. For everyone who lives or have lived in fear. To make us not forget how brave it is to be a Christian in times of war.


There is silence

in the houses.

Soldiers marching

down the streets.


There is distress

in the children.

They don’t know what

to believe.


Will love conquer?

Will hate win?

No one knows what

to expect.


Will the gunshots

stop again?

Or does hope have to

just forget?


Being christian

in these war zones,

is just courageous, 

móre than that.


You have to dominate 

your first stone.

You can't be scared 

by all the threats.


And if you are,

than you should pray,

you need to bless

all those who fight.


'cause there is power

in His Name,

it makes the darkest days

all bright.


It means, as long as

they’re together,

christians cán show

off the light.


Between the shooting

and the anger,

God is forever

by our side.

'Do not gloat over me, my enemy! Though I have fallen, I will rise. Though I sit in darkness, the LORD will be my light.'

- Micah 7:8

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